A Regime Unshackled

An ideology hinged on a majoritarian belief

Upon a diverse pluralistic society impinge

To despots, this hideous exploit alone shall bestow relief

While the nation is in a state of singe


Around plots woven to demolish or lynch

Were thoughts steeped in, blasphemy and intolerance

Yet the rightist ideologues never did wince

As the end justifies the means in their parlance


Exuding triumphalism over electoral gains

Shrouded in patriotic fervour evoked

Promise of a shrine on the agenda reigns

To be built, on a rubble of communal passions stoked


Riding roughshod over mass sentiments outright

Legislating a law, never was so facile

Constitutional tenets confront an obliteration fright

In the face of an opposition docile


Ever since voices of dissent got typecast

Imperative it is to wear patriotism on the sleeve

Stakeholders of an erstwhile state were bypassed

In comatose lies the valley, by the regime deceived


A surge of compassion for persecuted from distant shores

With the exception of Islamist, all shall naturalization gain

A parochial Act causing a nationwide uproar

Hope this uprising restores democratic checks and balances again


Unwarranted Manifestation

Hallucinations of the empty mind

Harbouring notions of a reciprocal kind

Steered the heart towards a promiscuous alley

Oblivious to the perils of this folly

Ocular banter initially felt like heaving a sigh

Emotionally fulfilling with optimistic high

Besotted, in a chase so obscure

The ecstasy turned out short lived and premature

With no dearth of citing an alibi

The significant other gave a go-by

Idealistic bubble all its air expend

The circuitous path soon culminated in a dead-end

Traversing from throes of fantasy to reality

Helped recognise the blurry thin line of immorality

A saving grace from falling prey

By banishing thoughts that would have led astray

Pondering if these thoughts were to course correct

Or an exercise to image resurrect
In an inquest, questions never blatantly deflect

Should one by no means experience a Soul connect?