More I probe the essence of life
Increasingly I get bewildered and entwined
To me it seems, a journey full of stress and strife
With many responsibilities and tasks alligned

The toil begins with academic excellence in youth
Where burning the midnight oil is the norm
Parents egg their children on, like sleuths
Hoping they would outclass others and brilliantly perform

Seeking a respectable social status
Men go through the rigour and grind
In making a quick buck lies their impetus
Though, at the cost of relinquishing peace of mind

Wedded bliss makes the family circle complete
And obligations breath down their neck
Mounting expenses make the reserves deplete
Leaving their finances in total wreck

Tired of discharging duties to the utmost best
Their life cycle ceases, sans any pleasure
With no accomplishments to boast, they are laid to rest
For grave is where they find peace in good measure.

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