What does mediocrity attain?
This question in my mind, often reigns
I guess, a lackluster life and looks of disdain
Is all it accrues, rather than prosperity and gain

Though, we all of contentment feign
A desire to overcome its halo, still remains
But the tides render our efforts in vain
To abandon us on the shore, time and again

Do I construe this trait, God ordained?
An answer, my logic has never ascertained
Probably, choice is either to make attempts sustained
Or rue over the goals unattained

Few can escape the shadow, it casts
Always remain wary of being typecast
The attribute seeps into the psyche too fast
And its impact does long last

Now that signs of mediocrity, I can truly interpret
I vow not to fume and fret
Rather work towards alleviating my regret
To realize how better my life can get

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