My patience wears off, in hope of striking it big everyday
What am I being tested for, oh God! Let me have your say
Guided by my instincts, I flew down to Canada to stay
Still a stable life, a good job and family union seems far away

Sinful creature I am, little importance on worship I lay
These trying moments could be to impart a lesson, in a way
Though reverence and homage, in my own way, I do pay
Maybe you want me to bow before you and pray

I am endowed with commitments, do enable me to fulfil them
Let not from my joblessness, disgruntlement stem
Keep my morale and esteem high, to overcome the present mayhem
Else I shall lose my pride that is perched on the hem

You’re known to be merciful, do forgive this lout
Reform, I certainly shall bring about
Repentance and guilt engulfs me inside out
Put my life back on rails and I shall become truly devout

You only can rewrite my career’s preamble
Be my saviour and let it not scramble
Don’t betray my trust, else my life would be in shambles
This time around, I am bereft of all gambles.

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