Giving a damn to the world opinion
To exhibit unwarranted dominion
America prevailed without being emotive
Committing a crass act, for a subtle ulterior motive

Weren’t inspections, resolutions just to mock
When the real intent was to “Awe and shock”
Subjugating a devastated land with indomitable might
If that is audacity, then what is proxy fight?

Hoping to extend supremacy by securing oil fields
Oblivious of hatred, their actions will Yield
Blazing guns, ground razing bombs
Would accomplish their mission with aplomb

But, what of suffering inflicted on humanity?
Will it ever be ashamed of bullying and insanity
Not for long, the rest can tow their line
This is the beginning of America’s decline

Ghastly bloodshed in the name of pre-emptive strikes
Cruise missiles crisscrossing once silent skies
Sane can only oppose Bush’s way of professing peace
And pray for the second Gulf war to cease

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