Strange are the ways of God
Unravelling his mystic is a term broad
It’s he who snatches and accords
And rightly so is referred to as Lord

Obeisance to him, I started to pay
Very religiously, five times a day
Submitting before his exalted stature after much delay
At peace I feel on being guided to his doorway

Being the anchor of human existence
To me, every decision of his makes sense
His hidden rationale is profound and immense
Behind each inflicted pain lies some benevolence

Fresh leash of life he will grant again
My quest shall not be in vain
Never would I doubt his justice domain
Dogged belief in him shall ever remain

To persevere and follow his guided path
Is the only way to escape the worldly wrath
Lest, dejections shall always cross your path
So be prepared to face the aftermath

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