I wonder why “Boredom Syndrome” is so rampant among the single expatriate population out here in U.A.E., the clue to which still eludes my reasoning capabilities. I can testify that this state of mind is not synonymous with me alone but many of my acquaintances or in fact many a stranger would rally behind me to support this view.

Despite living life in the fast lane where the day-to-day routine of hectic activity at work place, the race to get ahead of times and strive to make the most out of available opportunities always keeps one on the move, deep within a vacuum still persists resulting in dreariness. It seems a paradox that people crave for some means of entertainment to pep up and enliven themselves even after a grueling day of hard work rather than crashing down to catch up on their sleep.

Many would dismiss the boredom phenomenon as a cliché that has caught the world by storm and call it a farce. They are not to blame as only stepping into the shoes of distressed souls and actually undergoing the travails would make them realize this fact. I would personally attribute monotony as the root cause for allowing boredom to creep into our psyche.

How long can one endure the routine of jumping out of bed at the crack of dawn, heading straight for a quick shower and getting dressed up to look prim and rushing to make it on time to work. People who are unaware of this lifestyle would be nonplused to know that the planning to this sequel begins a day in advance soon after returning from office. Having cramped all the chores within a span of few minutes, more anxious moments await you. Setting out on the streets, all your conscious efforts to stick to the timing goes haywire owing to traffic jams stretching an few kilometers. Hoping to take a breather on arrival at the office, a pile of papers and stack of files greet you and constant reminders to meet the deadlines from the seniors play havoc with your nerves. Seeing the day through, the loners in the hope of finding solace in the cozy surroundings of their confines return to their abodes only to be confronted with stark reality of mute walls giving a hard stare, as though seeking an explanation for their very purpose of existence.

What else can you do to get away from the shackles of boredom and rejuvenate yourself for facing the same plight day after day except indulge in watching television. With not very many alternatives to chose from and an almost non-existent social life, the search for an ambience that exudes warmth and obviates the feeling of root-less-ness continues unabated.

The day everyone cherishes and looks forward to is Friday, the last day of the week. This is when all and sundry have some engagements lined up for themselves, preferring to be left on their own. Moreover, one comes across a distinct pattern of socializing among different groups. Families tend to mingle with their own ilk which is a subtle indication that bachelors are not welcome. In a place like Dubai, which is a conglomeration of diverse cultures, glimpses of a group of people from different origins hobnobbing is a rare sight. The restricted movement of masses within known circles leaves the single fraternity in a lurch, who often are seen taking a stroll in crowded parks or thronging the cinema houses.

Fortunate are those who have friends, acquaintances and relatives whom they can relate to. A feeling of belongingness, a support system to fall back upon during difficult times is of great essence to overcome the pangs of isolation from our kith and kin. For those bereft of this luxury, keeping one-self engrossed in constructive activities and wholesome entertainment is the only consolation.

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