With a lot of expectation, we set out to watch the late night show on the first day of its release. My little one was so keen on tagging along with us that her excitement knew no bounds as if she would grasp the film from beginning till end. Well, the reel rolls with casting credits being read out by Mrs. Bachchan. It looked quite an innovative idea to me and probably coz A B Corp was co-producing it, they thought she is a lucky mascot. Nevertheless, she looked as charming as ever.

The movie kicks off with a contest organized by a school where a young politician Arte (played by Abhishek Bachchan) is invited as a judge and guest of honor to felicitate the winner. He gets inspired by Auro’s work and amidst loud cheers enters Auro, a frail, tall, prematurely grown up, old looking boy afflicted with progeria, a rare genetic disorder.

Auro is a child born out of wedlock to Arte and the female protagonist (Vidya Balan) when they come togther while studying overseas. Their romance is portrayed through a catchy song “Udi Udi mein” but they soon drift apart when Arte suggests to abort the child as he intends to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a politician. Vidya decides to move away without being an obstacle in his career aspirations.

The televised award ceremony leads to a series of events that develops a close bond between Auro and Arte. Vidya’s dilemma of revealing his sons relationship with Arte and subsequently on getting to know that Auro is his own blood, how the politician despite being a public figure embraces him, forms the crux of the movie.

The look of Auro is awe inspiring and makes you marvel at the transformation of BigB into Auro’s character. Its just not the prosthetic artistry that lends credence to the character but oodles of talent that makes the portrayal of Auro so authentic and incredible. Child like nuances and especially Auro’s signature jig are so deftly done that audience can completely associate with the character alone and the legend of an actor playing the part could be easily forgotten.

Music by Illyaraja is refreshing and some funny lines interspersed in between makes for lighter moments in the film. There is some deliberate media bashing that drags the movie a bit and could have been avoided. It looked as if the makers had a personal axe to grind with the media and thus incorporated those parts in the script. Otherwise, the flick is an absorbing, fairly well scripted and emotional tale.

Verdict : Should be seen at least once for Auro’s magic, refreshing look of Abhishek, superb performance of Vidya and emotional quotient of the film.

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