Oh god, why have you put me in a spot
I craved for an ideal friend, not a bundle of haught
Composed, sensitive, matured with a synchronized thought
These were the attributes in him, I sought
Aberrations of his mind, makes me distraught
With unpredictable mood swings, he is fraught
In his rage, stoic silence and indifference, often I am caught
Unable to grasp where his temperament could be slot
I deliberate over his gamut of emotions, too often
Hoping time will mend his ways, long gotten
Many sequels of such dramatics unfold, ugly and rotten
His lamenting showdown, ultimately makes my stance soften
Implications of severed relations, knows not my friend
Squabbling habitually, no sane person would ever recommend
I exhort, taking differences too far results in strife
May be he interprets this, as an occurrence rife
I am no saint, nor do I seek perfection
Do not construe this as a complaint, it’s my hearts rendition
Only a small wish, here I would like to mention
Bestow harmony in our friendship, with your divine intervention

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