A feeling so hollow,
That’s hard to swallow
Engulfs my being
Leaving no clue of what it is seeking

Pervading silence all around
Adds to the confusion abound
As though put in a quarantine
By folks I call mine

How could one not form a connect
Or make no effort to resurrect
The crumbling charm of togetherness
Despite a bond so deep and measureless

Schisms keep lingering, unless you let go
The need to pander to the ego
Sane does recognise the bliss ahead
Unless their emotions are dead

My heart wails for the years lost
In vagaries of moods carelessly tossed
Instead of a chance to script cherished moments
Had it dawned to figure, what negativity foments?

It’s too late in the day
To expect amends along the way
Power struggle has a tendency to hold sway
For those hooked, to remain in the fray

Vacillating mind craves to perhaps fill the void
With harmonious coexistence and altercations avoid
Would it be an overreach to long?
To someone in spirit and soul belong

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