Hallucinations of the empty mind
Harbouring notions of a reciprocal kind
Steered the heart towards a promiscuous alley
Oblivious to the perils of this folly

Ocular banter initially felt like heaving a sigh
Emotionally fulfilling with optimistic high
Besotted, in a chase so obscure
The ecstasy turned out short lived and premature

With no dearth of citing an alibi
The significant other gave a go-by
Idealistic bubble all its air expend
The circuitous path soon culminated in a dead-end

Traversing from throes of fantasy to reality
Helped recognise the blurry thin line of immorality
A saving grace from falling prey
By banishing thoughts that would have led astray

Pondering if these thoughts were to course correct
Or an exercise to image resurrect
In an inquest, questions never blatantly deflect
Should one by no means experience a Soul connect?

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