The Devine And The Demonic

Each human being is a fascinating combination of Devine and Demonic qualities. We all have the devil in us, something that makes us pursue self-destructive ways. Yet, even the worst amongst us have extraordinary Devine traits.  Our success depends on how well we are able to operate out of our own goodness and marginalise the demonic qualities. Some Devine qualities listed are fearlessness, purity of heart and Charity.

Those two turn spiritual are driven by fear or retribution. Worship must be backed by love not fear. Purity of heart comes with freedom from selfishness and desire. Charity comes from recognising the infinite benevolence of nature. Yet people visit places of worship only to ask for more. True prayer is acknowledgement of what you already have and the desire to share, serve and contribute to the less privileged. You become rich by what you give. The difference between Devine and Demonic is knowledge. The Devine have access to higher knowledge, while the Demonic, deluded by greed, lust and ego   are ignorant of their potential.

We are a combination of matter and spirit. You know only matter. You have no inkling of the spirit in you. Yet, spirit being our original nature, it makes its presence felt. Thus, you attribute the glory, magnificence and grandeur of spirit to your individual personality. The way out is knowledge of the distinction between matter and spirit. Then there is no more confusion. Misery and grief vanish and you get established in happiness.

You have to free yourselves from the gates of darkness, desire, anger and greed. Anger and greed are mutation of desire. So it is desire that needs to be combated and overcome. Yet desire is encouraged, fanned and promoted. The doors to your soul are kept shut and you live and die without even a glimpse of your own power and magnificence. If you follow your Devine nature, you do yourself good and uplift others as well. You live a life of success and happiness and eventually transcend the world to attain liberation.



A Double Edged Sword

Everyone knows how to earn money but few know how to spend. This is the most common experience in every society.  A wise person is one who discovers this fact and plans his life taking a lesson from it. Money may prove to be a source of strength. It is its use that makes it good or bad for a human being.

People earn money by applying their wisdom but when it comes to the use of money, people can be remarkably stupid. If you spend your money for some constructive purpose that is very good, but if you spend it on ostentations then it is bad. It requires great wisdom and hard labour to acquire money. It is strange then that one chooses to be stupid when it comes to spending that hard earned money. It is good to have money but if it makes you arrogant then it is worse than poison. If on the other hand money makes you modest it is a great source of your personal development. If money makes you your sole concern in life, it means you are under utilising yourself.

Money is of course a necessity but its acquisition is not to be your sole purpose of life. Money is a risky form of capital for you can lose it through an unexpected event. But learning is a permanent asset. Knowledge is also appreciable and permanent. In brief, it is humbleness that stands you in good stead.