A Deadly Impasse

With proceedings underway to impeach and

Senate yet to pronounce verdict to unseat

A clown perpetrates a crisis in the interim

Amidst the political landscape of Middle East


Snuffing out an officer at top echelons of armed forces

On unsubstantiated pretext of planning attacks

Of diversionary intent so disingenuous,

This strategy smacks


Crippling a nation with illegitimate sanctions

By scuttling a pact and ruffling feathers

Naive the bully was, in taking cudgels against

An adversary, assuming they were pushovers


Over the casket of slain general, the country vowed

To slap the aggressor in the face and in outrage wept

Through a shower of ballistic missiles on Usanian air bases

Promise of a retaliatory strike, the Persians kept


Allegations of asymmetric warfare they ascribe

Whilst practicing doctrine of invading nations on the sly,

Ensconced with military bases across the Persian Gulf, to

Meddle in proxy wars on foreign soils alongside their allies


Though good sense prevailed, no more armed conflict

Underlined the President’s speech

Nevertheless, the House of Representatives legislated

Curtailing power to launch military action beyond his reach

Morose Existence

Why does the heart

Want to wallow in grief

For no apparent reason

The mood is sombre in brief


Kneeling in obeisance on your grave

With a prayer on the lips

Renders a sense of being afloat

Lest my life is akin to a sunken ship


The worldly relations so shallow

Require precise balance to maintain

Ties of blood never seek equilibrium

Neither, one has to ever feign


Though homage to the ties so profound

Often as an afterthought all pay

They are all ears for emotional quandaries we share

Even in absentia or otherwise slain, to allay


Fear of the impending tribulations

Sends shivers down the spine

With none to resurrect my crumbling morale

Battling solitude is my bottom-line