Amorous Glances

With a sense of guilt
A demure glimpse meets her eye
Causing a flutter of the heart
At an age so ripe

Statuesque in stature and persona
Exuding oodles of charm
In exchanging fleeting glances
With her, I saw no harm

With equal panache she carries
A sporty look and traditional style
Rendering the air with exuberance
Her distinct voice makes my day worthwhile

Barely does the heart gets transfixed
Like a moth to a flame
Unless the magnetism is genuine
Desire to get consumed, you can’t quite tame

Throw caution to the winds
A call rings in my ears
But the mind never lets loose
The leash out of fear

I introspect on the disparities
Looming large, that sets us apart
All aspects of which seems blasphemous
Even while visualising a relationship to kick-start

Gone are the days to evince amorous interest
Though a hard fact to swallow, acknowledge I do
And lower my gaze when she crosses path
Not to go the route deemed taboo

Neither Your Decision Nor Mine

In our day to day life we are constantly faced with formidable task of making choices. The choice we make is sometimes influenced by instant gratification, at other times by a sense of responsibility but quite often it is nothing more than mere adherence to a routine. Decision making is not made any easier by the mind that tends to vacillate even so often. In fact, could compound the problem. It conjures all sorts of brilliant rational, reasons and justifications for that moment’s indulgence.

There is a streak in us that un-forgivingly assaults the conscience with strictures that tends to dwarf your self-esteem. Life inevitably becomes a sea-saw that alternates between hedonism and virtue, pleasure and pain and between self castigation and achievement. Most of the decisions that we make are fraught with short term implications. And the stakes are not very high as well.

There are times when we are faced with crunch situations. And the decision we make could alter the course of not just our life but also impact the lives of others. As the stakes rise, so does the hesitation. The head and heart seem to wrestle each other for supremacy. The left brain keeps a strict debit and credit account of every alternative. The right brain pops up with very intuitive suggestions. The ego cautions one about what “the others” will say.

Amidst the jumble of voices the soul gets hushed and so remains unheard or unheeded. Repeated attempts to evoke audibility above all the din makes it barely discernible. The voice of the soul or the inner voice needs amplification. The voice within is the voice that helps you blend reality with dreams. It harmonises the internal and the external. It is holistic mix of practicality and possibility.

The feeling of being in total control while making a decision is an illusion because our decisions are based largely on circumstances. The circumstances are beyond our control however powerful one might be. A decision is a way out of a maze of circumstances. We certainly cannot design the maze as per our choice. The impact of the situational maze restricts our decision making to a very narrow bandwidth of exercising our choice.

Remedy for Peace

You are the cloud
You are the rain
You are the healer
You are the pain

Most physical pain and illness is self injected. Naturally the healing has to come from within, from one’s own self. We hurt and harm ourselves with negative thoughts and energy. The cure has to come from heart and mind. Like garbage at home, the mind too accumulates garbage of two kinds, stinking wet garbage and dead dry garbage. The wet garbage is hate, envy, prejudice and ill feelings. The dry garbage is regrets, hurt, pain and mistakes committed in the past.

The past is dust, for how long will you gather it. The pain may become sores and numb nerves and for how long you will nurse it. Somewhere you have to delink yourself from the past and come back to the present. This you have to do for two reasons. One reason is that you remain healthy physically. All disease comes from the mind. Whenever we are ill, we should check with ourselves who is it that we need to forgive. And the second reason is to get rid of internal garbage, to live in peace mentally. All these grudges, hurt and pain cause turbulence in the mind leading to anger and frustration. We have to be free from both in order to be in harmony with our surroundings

You may call this goal happiness. The easiest way to reach there is to dispose of your mental garbage. To get rid of the accumulated garbage is through practice of forgiveness. Disconnecting yourselves from the past purifies the mind, creating space for peace and harmony in the present while writing the script for the future. The other way is to sit in silence before a lit lamp and forgive those who have insulted, humiliated, harmed and hurt you.

There are three stages of forgiveness. The first is to forget verbally in a prayer. The second is to think positively about them. Thirdly you should do something that is good for them. Also you have to seek forgiveness of yourself. Forgiveness lifts the burden of the mind and creates space within. By forgiving one can destroy past evil Karmas and create a clean space to write one’s future destiny.

The Martyrdom of Prophet’s Family – Tragedy of Karbala

When the army of the Prince was no more
Thirsty, it had departed to Kausar’s shores
His friends slaughtered, His family destroyed
The home of the Prophet was plundered to the core

No brother or friend or loved ones remained
Two sisters to mourn, and there was Husain

Earlier in the day, sons and friends were around
By the afternoon, everyone was gone
The sun blazed, wind blew, the desert scorched
Tents flapped in the wind with a desolate sound

Husain was surrounded, alone in His pain
A commander with no army; all had been slain

“Why delay Oh death?” In misery He asked
“Why must I live after Ali Akber has passed?
Every moment now feels like a lifetime to me
Now only in death will my pain pass

“I should have died when I watched Akber being killed
I should have been beheaded, that is my will”

“Yet I remain, I live, after everyone has died
Alone I shed tears with no one by my side
Enduring the loss of my sons in this war
In my old age to bury them, to mourn and to cry”

“No son by me when I succumb to death
No support if I stumble, no place whereon to rest”

Then He glanced at Akber’s body on the desert sands
In agony He clutched his chest and cried in pain
“Oh Akber you rest, your hair on the dust strewn
Come help me, I am falling, rise from death’s daze”

“In death’s slumber you forget your father my son
Say your prayers with me under the blazing sun”

“From the banks of the Furat, Abbas come to me
The heat blazes on my wounds, I’m thirsty, come see
Sprinkle water on my body, if you happen to find
I’m dying, say goodbye, come to me, come to me”

“In death you sleep soundly, what can Shabeer say?
May no one be as wretched, to God I pray”

“Since you parted, every bone inside me hurts
My brow, neck, eyes, my joints, and head hurt
My heart, back, chest, every muscle is full of ache
Distraught I am my son, every vein within me hurts”

“I’ve battled a thousand soldiers, I am soaked in blood
Young ones I have buried, with pain my heart floods”

Impatiently the son of Saad addressed the army thus
“Come on brave soldiers, surround Husain we must”
They turned towards Husain, attacked and besieged
Thousands bearing arrows, armed with swords the rest

Midst archers, stone-throwers, Husain stood alone
Swords flashed in the sun, thousands against one

Surrounded by the massive army, all alone
Spears and swords charged at him, he stood all alone
Arrows inflicted fatal blows, Husain was all alone
Target of a thousand blows, Husain was all alone

Amidst the evil around him, like the moon He glowed
The world had turned against Him, at Him its fury flowed

Alas the cursed army knew not a Syed’s worth
They pierced His noble body with arrows and spears
Aiming their swords, they sought to massacre Him
They circled and surrounded, each seeking to kill Him first

So-called Muslims, attacking the Apostle’s son
Your Imam was all alone under the scorching sun

He fell from His horse, no support for His descent
No one to pull the arrows from His riddled chest
Friends and loved ones dead, Husain now all alone
Weak with thirst and hunger, nowhere to go, no rest

Facing a treacherous army, drowning in their flood
In every face around Him, a hunger to spill His blood

It felt as though the heavens thundered in dismay
Wounded the son of Fatima, on His horse swayed
The Imam of the universe, the Prophet’s dear Grandson
Precariously He swayed and fell to the earth that day

A thousand bruises on His body as he fell to the ground
Who knows what He felt when dropped on the sands

Fizza took the news to the ladies within
“They prepare to behead him, Oh what a sin”
Weakened with illness, Abid stumbled as He arose
In panic and terror, the ladies ran out into the din

At the torment in Zainab’s cries, the desert floor quaked
Stumbling and falling, she ran out seeking Husain

“Where is my brother?” She cried, running every way
“Ali’s wealth is lost, plundered here today
Show me the way to the river, take me to the battlefield
Show me where He lies, wounded, show me pray”

“Oh blessed earth help me, the heavens are no help
I come searching for my brother, show me where He fell”

“I am Syeda, help me find my way to Him
I am the daughter of Ali, save yourself from sin
May you live happily, find peace after death
Show me where the Syed lies, pray take me to Him”

“We have no one, we are ruined in this land
We come from Medina, against thousands today we stand”

Then she heard Husain’s groans, sensed her brother near
She ran towards the sound seeking her brother dear
And watched in disbelief as Shimer beheaded Husain
She covered her face, fell to the earth, in shock and fear

With grief her heart shattered, she silently prayed
The severed head of her Brother, she saw on a spear raised

Better Life Vs Bitter Life

Are you among those who feel they are victims and that success is elusive? You have to learn not to be a victim, but a victor. You have become victim to you psychological patterns, your idiosyncrasies. These patterns, so often represent your failures, which do not allow you to celebrate outer success. Hence, in spite of success, you experience failures.

When you carry your hatred inside your mind and heart for long, your hatred will spoil your mind and heart. Learn to drop hatred as soon as possible. Your life, so often, is spoilt due to your differences with others. Differences with others need not end up as hatred. Differences are just differences, but the moment the mind gives them a name tag of hatred, mind and heart get polluted.

We are so often a product of society; human beings are social beings. We are impacted by social expectation. You have to be alert not to become a slave to society and at the same time respect society. You have to relate intelligently to society, lest you become a social slave. When you become a slave to society, you are afraid of society. Such fear will make your life ineffective.

With fear, you will not be able to discern facts of life. With fear, your perception will be distorted. Then instead of the actuality of life, only the illusion of life will be experienced. You have to drop fear. Then you will comprehend facts as facts, otherwise fear will distort facts to fit into its manipulations.

Also you tend to become victim to your inner conclusions, inner beliefs, and these could dominate your life. Your mind is not free from the victimisation by all the inner conclusions and beliefs and the external impact of society. If you are a victim of your conclusions, then your thinking is not free, it is bound. Such a bound mind can never think differently.

In management one talks of “out-of-the-box thinking”. So you can free yourself from conclusion and beliefs and operate from openness. All this needs psychological alertness, but most of us are psychologically lazy, We don’t want to change. It is easy to follow what has been decided. You need strength to think differently and not to allow fear to guide your life. You will do business better and live a better life rather than a bitter life.

The Beginning Has A Bearing On Your Future

There is an English proverb, “The end justifies the means”. Perhaps there is another more relevant principle which may be expressed thus: “The end justifies the beginning”. It is the end result that proves whether the beginning was right or wrong. Many people begin their lives with great enthusiasm. But the latter period of their life has proved that their beginning was not the right one. Their case was a case of miscalculation, rather than one of right calculation.

Certain individuals start out in life with high hopes, but fail to achieve their goal and then die in a state of frustration. In the beginning they were hopeful, but in the end they died in a state of utter hopelessness. “Right here, right now” is a formula of life that has gained popularity in the present age. Happiness in the present is not the criterion of success. The right criterion is whether a person is able to maintain his happiness and sense of satisfaction right to the end of his life.

The right formula of life is that which can give a person satisfaction till the end of life, and not just for a temporary period. The pattern of human life will be judged by what it turns out to be in its final days. Never make the mistake of planning for life by taking only immediate gain into consideration. You should always plan by keeping the future in mind. An individual should first discover his own self and then plan accordingly for his life. People generally set their goals out of zeal, but this is certainly not a mature way of making decisions.

The better way to decide one’s goal is to understand the realities of life, and then act in accordance with them. Failure to do so is the main reason for people dying in frustration after having set out full of enthusiasm: when they set themselves goals, it was under the influence of emotions, without due consideration. Such a plan does not work for long. It is like a sand castle which is destined in the long run to fall apart.