The Enigmatic Mind

Ticking furiously
As if pitted against time
Conjuring thoughts
A dozen for a dime
Heady concoction
Of affirmations and cynicism alike
Fomenting a burst of cacophony
As though fed on a drink spiked
Rendering the senses numb
To decipher between wrong and right
Stirring emotions fraught with
An assortment of ecstasy and fright
Nudging to act
On an impulse at times
Blanking out to bring about
Indolence sometimes
A roller-coaster ride
Spanning a crescendo of satiation
When life is on a high
And nadir of frustration
Upon things going awry
Never pausing for a breather
Despite the grind
Racing, even in sub-conscience
Such is the clout of the Mind

Turbulent Undercurrents

Abandoning a ship in mid-water
Not far from being moored
Vulnerable, I feel reaching ashore
Amid high seas, marooned

Somewhat perturbed by turbulence,
At times longing to chart a new course,
It seems providence manifested an avenue
Enabling this decision enforce

Yet a disquiet within prevails,
Itching for a sneak peek into future
Seeking an affirmation from divinity
If life would offer a seamless suture

Having to stare at a blank canvas is
Perhaps daunting well past my prime
I hope to paint it with radiant colours,
Letting not accrue dirt and grime

So abrupt are the winds of change
Even a status quoist can’t desist
Relenting to the will of the omnipotent
With poise, every mortal has to drift

Forsaken Love

In essence, as a poet, when I do mull over
I blend, infusing soul into nature’s every speck
Drifting apart from you, O friend, I so dread
As if finding a Lacuna in life’s every aspect
Alas, these compulsions for forsaking love
She Pacifies me, and I console her in turn
Behold my courage and the state of mind
I tangle up yet again the strands I have untangled
It’s your gathering and display, so damning the restraints
Here I rise, oh you tyrant, and slink quietly away
A lone heart and an unrelenting storm of misfortunes
A piece of glass shattered on every rock I have met

Looming Gloom

The mental state lately is turning oblivious to distress,
My share of every joy seems to regress
Just ahead of daybreak, as downpour gets persistent
Happiness becoming the cause of grief often is consistent
Towards the beauty of both worlds, the notion of apocalypse is leading
Where congregation is the same, but the charm is receding
Exact same wine, the goblet, the bartender, and the Inn
However, the sounds of revelry and carousing get thin
Steady is my companion, yet the heart does suffocate
It’s the same lamp even-so brightness seems to dissipate
There is tumult, yet hidden underneath an Oceanic wave
The once pounding heart in a murmurous fashion behave
Such is my predicament though unchanged life remains
As if from life, its very spirit is on the wane

The Ripple Effect

Like a ripple, the heart has just felt a surge,
A whiff of fresh air perhaps has caused this scourge
Somewhat delicate in disposition, I am too
Moreover, this hurt is still anew
There is commotion in the cockles of the heart
As if a wall had fallen apart
Interest in this teeming world appears to abate
What is amiss, yet I fail to relate
Amid the archipelagos of memories, in spate
Your voice even now seems to resonate
In dark alleys of the town
Life in your quest still looks around
Good times shall usher in your life too
There’s a lifetime ahead, don’t rue

Hundredth Post

From scratchy scribbling
in a personal log
Timid were beginnings
showcasing the minds clog

Prodding by few
had me revved up
A piece ensued
on thoughts pent-up

Stroke of luck
did play a part
Published it got
giving me a start

Platform I needed
to chronicle my thought
Blogging on WordPress
as a vehicle sought

Amidst the chaos
of likes, comments, following
Committed to creating
content, I kept slogging

Upon scrutiny my
work might not pass
Yet satisfaction this endeavour
entailed, does everything surpass

Today I feel
like raising a toast
Here in revelry
writing my hundredth post