A feeling so hollow,

That’s hard to swallow

Engulfs my being

Leaving no clue of what it is seeking


Pervading silence all around

Adds to the confusion abound

As though put in a quarantine

By folks I call mine


How could one not form a connect

Or make no effort to resurrect

The crumbling charm of togetherness

Despite a bond so deep and measureless


Schisms keep lingering, unless you let go

The need to pander to the ego

Sane does recognise the bliss ahead

Unless their emotions are dead


My heart wails for the years lost

In vagaries of moods carelessly tossed

Instead of a chance to script cherished moments

Had it dawned to figure, what negativity foments?


It’s too late in the day

To expect amends along the way

Power struggle has a tendency to hold sway

For those hooked, to remain in the fray


Vacillating mind craves to perhaps fill the void

With harmonious coexistence and altercations avoid

Would it be an overreach to long?

To someone in spirit and soul belong


Paradigm Shift

For lack of fulfilling the prerequisites

Decades passed without a referendum

Turning the paradise on earth

Into a turbulent long drawn conundrum


With roots emanating in gory partition riots

And in disposition of self-governing princely province

Sharing borders with either side of ethnic divide

By eventually acceding to India, trust the Maharaja did evince


Mired in hostilities over disputed border

Trysts with liberation and attempts to infiltrate,

The valley became the epicentre over which

The westerly nation dared to confront the Indian state


Trounced in the conflicts, not once but thrice

The neighbour, vowed to bleed us by a thousand cuts

Realising, in conventional warfare they weren’t a match

Asymmetric plans with expendable actors they hatched


Having to flee in wake of insurgency

Kashmir was now bereft of the pundits

Bilaterally the issue had be resolved, but

The talks failed despite several summits


The territory bears the ongoing scourge of terror

Tacitly as a state policy, exported from across the border

Human rights excesses and muscular domestic policy, some argue

While others blame the secessionist for the disorder


Ceasefire violations, bomb blasts, siege of the Taj

Even attack on the parliament, we did sustain

It was massacre of forty paramilitary personnel at Pulwama

That breached the threshold of tolerance and constraint


To avenge the dastardly attack, denouncing passive stance

The air force jets flew past the line of control

Pounding Jaish’s terror camp in a pre-emptive strike

Conveying a shift in paradigm for the nation to extol


Aiming to target military establishments, and a logistics installation

Counter retaliation was overt and in broad daylight

Though thwarted by vigilant Indian air force, but not before

Both countries lost fighter jets in an ensuing dog-fight


Conceding their intent was an act of aggression

That our bravado in carrying tactical strike could not deter

Questions were raised over our defence preparedness

In de-escalating and ceding the initiative forever