In A World of Challenges

The fact is that our world is full of problems. Philosophers call it the problem of evil. But it is a case of wrong nomenclature. It is to give a negative name to a positive phenomenon.  Problems are there, but problems are not evil; they are challenges. The only meaningful explanation of this phenomenon is to take problems as challenges.

This phenomenon can be explained by keeping in mind the creation plan of the Creator. There is a difference between the human and material world. According to the creation plan, the material world has no freedom of choice. The course of the material world is pre-determined while man is free to make his choices. It is this difference that creates problems that can be viewed positively.

The concept of self-development does not exist in the material world. Man, on the other hand, was born with great potential. And this potential can be realised in difficult circumstances. It is only in circumstances of pressure that man’s hidden potential can be turned into actuality. Terming these difficult circumstances as evil is a result of lack of understanding the Law of nature.

On planet earth, the gravitational pull exists in the right proportion. This pull is so important that without it civilisation could never have come into existence. But this blessing of the Creator remained unknown to man until the physicist Isaac Newton received shock treatment from nature. According to a well known story, he was hit on the head by an apple when he was sitting under the apple tree in his garden. Through this “hit” nature was, as if, saying in silent language, “O man, why don’t you think. If you think you will come to learn a great reality.”

In this respect, everyone is like Newton. Everyone is born with great treasure in his mind. But, every person needs a shock treatment. This is the course of nature and there is no exception in this regard. Without passing through this course, a person’s mind will not unfold and he will not be able to achieve great success.

If an “apple” hits your head, do not take it in the negative sense, but know that it has hit your head to make your mind a super mind. Take it as a wakeup call-that a new day is dawning upon you.

Amorous Glances

With a sense of guilt

A demure glimpse meets her eye

Causing a flutter of the heart

At an age so ripe


Statuesque in stature and persona

Exuding oodles of charm

In exchanging fleeting glances

With her, I saw no harm


With equal panache she carries

A sporty look and traditional style

Rendering the air with exuberance

Her distinct voice makes my day worthwhile


Barely does the heart gets transfixed

Like a moth to a flame

Unless the magnetism is genuine

Desire to get consumed, you can’t quite tame


Throw caution to the winds

A call rings in my ears

But the mind never lets loose

The leash out of fear


I introspect on the disparities

Looming large, that sets us apart

All aspects of which seems blasphemous

Even while visualising a relationship to kick-start


Gone are the days to evince amorous interest

Though a hard fact to swallow, acknowledge I do

And lower my gaze when she crosses path

Not to go the route deemed taboo