Moving Away From Distress to De-Stress

Stress is a disease of 21st Century. Everyone seems to be in stress from childhood to retirement. The only time you are free from stress is when you are inactive. So you are looking for long weekends and holidays to escape from stress. The moment activity begins mental stress returns. As a human you have a birth right to combine dynamic activity with perfect serenity of mind. Then perfect action emerges. Dynamic activity performed in an environment of tranquillity brings excellence and effortlessness in the midst of intense exertion.

What exerts you is not a bad boss, nagging spouse or the weather but stress is defined as mental turbulence caused by unfulfilled desire. As desire remains un-actualised you will be in stress. Your desire is being recklessly fuelled and people are in stress. Unbridled desires make you unhappy. When desire if fulfilled you want more and the greed leads you to delusion. Fulfilled still further, you are envious of those who have more than you and arrogant towards those who have less. If desire is obstructed, the thought flow going from you in the object of desire gets deflected towards the obstruction. This is called anger. All this creates a lot of misery and tension.

Un-restrained desire prevents enjoyment. Desires put you on a collision course with others which prevents you from having a meaningful relationship. Rampant desire unsettles the mind. The law is – attach you lose, detach you gain. Possess and enjoy the world but never get bound to it. Hence desire is your greatest enemy. Yet this very enemy, you pamper, nourish and encourage. When you rise above desire and work for something beyond, the object of desire comes to you. Then you can enjoy it thoroughly with a calm mind. Manage desire with intellect. If intellect approves, go ahead and fulfil the desire without fear or guilt.


Living Life Free from Problems

Life can never be completely free of problems. When only one person lives there will be no problem but when there is more than one person, problem becomes a given. No two persons think alike, look alike or have similar tastes. So there are bound to be differences and judgements born thereof. This creates disharmony and tension. What is the solution to live a life of Peace?

Truth is multi dimensional. Truth has also so many perspectives. Through our eyes we can see anything, either this or that. With the possibilities of different perceptions there is always scope of difference of opinion and conflict. It is difficult to understand the truth. The greatest truth is the truth of conduct.

There is a fear in the world. We are scared of sorrow. When there is possession, there is fear. Where there is no possession, there is no fear. Giving up possession and observing restraint is the solution to today’s problems. The essence to a fearless life, a peaceful life is through restraint.

The human being has to set limits to all activities. Observe limits to consumption, possession. Limitless consumption is the reason for our problems. Anger, delusion, ego and greed are veiling the truth from our vision. All these passions are born with the desire to possess beyond our limits. Let us try to overcome our greed for possession.