Uncouth Beliefs

With the ushering of every New Year
My first instinct is to scramble for the Tarot
In a bid to allay hidden fears
By gaining insights into the unseen tomorrow

Life on the cusp of major transformation
Headlines of some intuitive experts scream
Various transits at cross-purposes in constellation
Of impediments others caution and shatter dreams

Natal charts, position of Sun and Moon
True, the study of celestial bodies is a science
Few trust the interpreter of fortunes
Many a sceptic reject from their conscience

Every word of the Soothsayer I closely scan
As if it’s the gospel truth
Trying to find resonance with life, wherever I can
Naysayers disregard and find my beliefs uncouth

Aren’t these predictions mere guidance?
To chart through complex trappings that life bodes
Foretold by tapping into the cosmic influence
But the path you actually tread, determines how life unfolds

Brewing Storm

Brewing of storm
The whole year long
Precipitating into a whirlwind
Strewning sand particles along

Much akin to an upheaval in life
Leaving adrift on the shores
Crumbled livelihood hope of
A jittery soul caught in the throes

Isn’t the sea of Life
Supposed to have tidal waves?
Weak succumb to the troughs
Surmounting the course is for the braves

Change is inevitable and permanent
Never resist or find it odd
Live up to the challenge
Subsistence is guaranteed by God

Unrelenting in their pursuit of succour
Never letting out a rant
They climb and fall from atop a mountain
Take a cue from the army of ants