Hurt Fandom

Enmeshed in ties of blood,

Strung by an umbilical cord

With its snapping, a bud

Comes to life, that almighty accords


Besieged by inherent emotional bond

Through the journey all along

Flourish affiliations so fond

That one dreads to trample upon


Some gravitate for the love of craft

To others, intellect appeals by far

Rest connect with purity of soul

Cherishing memories of chosen heroes


Their legacy of accomplishments so inspiring

Radiate a cult like influence

Infusing hope in budding talents

Who otherwise by failure get dismayed


Hunky-dory the relationships seem

Till the moment they last

When providence casts a shadow of death

It dawns, how transient and fragile they are


In conjunction with emotions lies pain

For bereavement, none can be arraigned

Wish life came into existence

Without the frills of human intervention


The same bud that once moistened eyes

On its inception with tears of joy

While the soul departs from its body

Evokes wails and leaves us teary eyed

Don’t Fear Death – Begin To Live

We constantly seek immortality. We fantasise about having endless time, boundless opportunities and control over our lives. However the fact is that we have limited time and no control over anything beyond ourselves. Fear of death is a common complaint. Whether conscious or subtle this fear haunts everyone. Due to fear of death some people suffer from intense anxiety phobias and panic and their energies are consumed in battling it.

Death is imminent and people try to overcome the fear by accumulating wealth or earn a name by their charitable deeds. Some look after their physical bodies to prolong their physical life. It is important to note why we are scared of it. Introspection reveals that people are scared of death because they have not been able to find meaning in their lives. As a result they harbour feeling of regret, guilt and anger. We experience regret when we have not allowed our inherent potential to blossom.

We get lost in conflicts, traumatic experience, egoistic wars and inhibitions and hence unable to give life our best shot. We tend to feel guilty when we have not loved our close ones fully. In intimate relationships there are some people who end up taking a lot and giving back less. We are being deceitful. One fine day our inner self unleashes guilt and we realise our mistake and feel helpless. In contrast there are people who do not communicate their feelings, needs and wishes in a relationship but end up giving a lot to other person. This creates resentment and anger.  They suppress this anger but it breaks their genuine connection from others.

In order to overcome fear or death we need to constantly find meaning in our existence. We need to ensure that we develop our potential to its maximum against all odds. By reminding ourselves about our capabilities and goals and bringing back our attention to them, we can realise our potential. By finding meaning in our existence we are able to move beyond our narrow ego and prospect of death may not be scary. May be we look at life as a liberating adventure where there are infinite possibilities.