The Path of Perfection

A perfect person is one who has completely abandoned all desires as a result of being fulfilled in the self by the self. It is desire that takes away your might and power. Desire comes in the way of success. Unlimited desires agitate the mind and cause stress. Desire enslaves and weakens you. To regain perfection you need to drop desire.

However desire cannot just be wished away. You can only take up a higher desire that is more gratifying. The lower fascinations drop of their own accord. From a desire to have a toy in childhood, as you grow the desire to possess the toy vanishes. Pick up intellectual ideal and the emotional ideal loses its charm. Take the final plunge to the spiritual desire and nothing will hold you back. All desires drop. You regain your immortal stature.

As you rise above desire, object of desire comes to you unsought. The way to gain the world is to escalate to higher realms. You will obtain the lower effortlessly. Thus, you become successful, happy and grow to your divine potential. With a powerful intellect that keeps the senses and mind subdued, you take off into higher realms.

Moving Away From Distress to De-Stress

Stress is a disease of 21st Century. Everyone seems to be in stress from childhood to retirement. The only time you are free from stress is when you are inactive. So you are looking for long weekends and holidays to escape from stress. The moment activity begins mental stress returns. As a human you have a birth right to combine dynamic activity with perfect serenity of mind. Then perfect action emerges. Dynamic activity performed in an environment of tranquillity brings excellence and effortlessness in the midst of intense exertion.

What exerts you is not a bad boss, nagging spouse or the weather but stress is defined as mental turbulence caused by unfulfilled desire. As desire remains un-actualised you will be in stress. Your desire is being recklessly fuelled and people are in stress. Unbridled desires make you unhappy. When desire if fulfilled you want more and the greed leads you to delusion. Fulfilled still further, you are envious of those who have more than you and arrogant towards those who have less. If desire is obstructed, the thought flow going from you in the object of desire gets deflected towards the obstruction. This is called anger. All this creates a lot of misery and tension.

Un-restrained desire prevents enjoyment. Desires put you on a collision course with others which prevents you from having a meaningful relationship. Rampant desire unsettles the mind. The law is – attach you lose, detach you gain. Possess and enjoy the world but never get bound to it. Hence desire is your greatest enemy. Yet this very enemy, you pamper, nourish and encourage. When you rise above desire and work for something beyond, the object of desire comes to you. Then you can enjoy it thoroughly with a calm mind. Manage desire with intellect. If intellect approves, go ahead and fulfil the desire without fear or guilt.