Nostalgic Yearning

Agog with desires, the heart was beset,
Amidst loads of desperation, it broke into a sweat

Not a witness to anything besides vindictiveness from you
Yet something that the mind found captivating is a cryptic clue

I cannot simply keep my eyes wide open
Around whose imagination are my thoughts woven

Never made anything conspicuous about my veiled wish
Yet with deft exchange of looks managed to accomplish

Blood of countless, your memories have drawn up
Consumed by grief, many had their courage blown up

That sense of hesitancy vanished from her composure
My constant babbling almost bowled her over

A Failed Poet

As a poet much-maligned,
Having failed at my art
To enthral the gathering
From the poetic parley, I depart

Some remnants from my abode
You shall find
An anthology of this berserk rhymester
One of its kind
Unearth you will, another thing of mine,
A broken, empty goblet of wine

I yearned to walk on glowing embers,
On a bed of thorns lie,
Moreover, to the heart’s content,
My destiny decry
Oblivious of many such asks
I walk away from unfulfilled tasks.

Though on my last leg
The final journey is held-up
Wonder if my broken heart
Still has some desires pent up
Oh my heart, let me go
Allow me to take a bow.