Make Yourself a Creative Mind

When I survey my life it seems to me to be a useless one, devoted to impossible ideals. My activities continue from force of habit and in the company of others. I forget the despair which underlies my daily pursuits and pleasure. But when I am alone and idle, I cannot conceal from myself that my life has no purpose and that I know of no new purpose in which to devote my remaining years.

Failure in life is not final defeat. Failure means that a man has failed in achieving the first choice but he still has the second choice. For example, consider someone who is a voracious reader and by his/her own confession their study was done out of habit. Habit is a recurrent unconscious pattern of behaviour that is acquired. That becomes their weakness. . They studied a lot but merely out of habit, rather than the way of conscious planning. If you do something as a matter of conscious planning it will make you mind creative. But if you do something out as a habit then it will not develop creative thinking.

Doing something as a result of conscious planning develops a person’s mind and leads to creative thinking. A creative mind is a live mind which is in a position to take new decisions every moment. Experience shows that people generally lack creative thinking. The reason for this is that people mostly do not consciously plan their activities instead they work out of habit. Such people achieve nothing but force of habit. Conscious planning of life makes a person to achieve the goal and develop creative thinking.

Habit is a general term. It covers almost all human activities from becoming addicted to alcohol to being part of politics, everything comes under it purview. Those who do things by way of conscious planning can never become a victim of frustration.


Design To Bounce Back

Why remember those who never value us in the first place? Why recall repeatedly all those occasions when we were slighted or overlooked. We were never meant to take these things to heart. There is something inbuilt into life itself that could help us overcome trials and difficulties, a kind of survival mechanism that supports us, teaching to keep boosting ourselves and our self-esteem particularly when faced with flak. People are often judging us from perspective that is narrow. So what if the first draft did not make the mark? What if I failed in a task or if I did not measure up to the expectations of my colleagues. What if I was not as successful as others would like me to be?

The calm measured life that I have chosen to lead, no matter if it appears drab and dull to some may have been rich in content in ways that is not comprehensive to them. May be I am not right on top in my career and may be my ambition did not drive me to always be on top. Perhaps, I was like a neutral figure in the organisation that made heroes of showmen. Perhaps, I am remembered for other more enduring qualities like kindness and compassion. It was that rebuff that made me work harder and with greater concentration. It was the downgrade I received that made me assess myself more realistically and helped me build on my real individual strengths and resources. It was the unkindness of others or the cutting remarks made that made me value myself even more.

Life has so many facets and we do our best to simplify our responses and to unravel its complexities. The process is sometimes long and we are prone to discouragement on the way. But, as we travel and journey alone, we become more hopeful. Human mind can look at string of positives, building up faith and hope. Life calls all of us to be encouragers. We are after all co-travellers on the voyage of life. What would have happened if life did not survive the thousands of trials and errors that have gone into making of it?