Conscious Drift

Carrying dark clouds as a sheath underneath

Ready to burst at their seam

The ashen sky’s thunderous lightening

Pronounces a reflection of life’s impending theme


Warn it does of a punitive strike

For resisting to seek a safe shelter

Providence is guiding, heed its call

Rather than running helter-skelter


Seamless as seasonal changes occur

Transitions ought to follow suit

Stagnant waters gather moss

Little drift may lend to new channels en-route.


These aren’t just passing clouds

Pour they will to heart’s content

Lashing the fragile state of mind and

Sullying peace till its last remnants


Abort the wretched journey, long endured

In gloomy, damp, inclement climate

Pastures abound where sun shimmers

Just take that leap of faith, don’t procrastinate

Brewing Storm

Brewing of storm

The whole year long

Precipitating into a whirlwind

Strewning sand particles along


Much akin to an upheaval in life

Leaving adrift on the shores

Crumbled livelihood hope of

A jittery soul caught in the throes


Isn’t the sea of Life

Supposed to have tidal waves?

Weak succumb to the troughs

Surmounting the course is for the braves


Change is inevitable and permanent

Never resist or find it odd

Live up to the challenge

Subsistence is guaranteed by God


Unrelenting in their pursuit of succour

Never letting out a rant

They climb and fall from atop a mountain

Take a cue from the army of ants