A Grievance

Although fostering a grievance
Come over simply to impair my heart
Retrace your footsteps, once again 
To forsake me and depart.

Let the illusion of my pride 
of love remain somewhat intact  
You may well bend over backward on occasion
To mollify me, as a matter of fact
Even though our relations are
Nowhere close to days of yore  
Yet, turn up for the sake of tradition and 
Ways of the world to fulfill a chore
To whom all am I obliged to
Disclose the reason for the estrangement
Conceding that you are irked with me
Show up for the world at large 
For ages, I have felt deprived of
The gratification of expressing grief
My beloved show up to make me cry
So that I could find relief
This confounded heart, yet has
Expectations from you to cope 
Do come back to extinguish 
These last candles of hope

Brewing Storm

Brewing of storm
The whole year long
Precipitating into a whirlwind
Strewning sand particles along

Much akin to an upheaval in life
Leaving adrift on the shores
Crumbled livelihood hope of
A jittery soul caught in the throes

Isn’t the sea of Life
Supposed to have tidal waves?
Weak succumb to the troughs
Surmounting the course is for the braves

Change is inevitable and permanent
Never resist or find it odd
Live up to the challenge
Subsistence is guaranteed by God

Unrelenting in their pursuit of succour
Never letting out a rant
They climb and fall from atop a mountain
Take a cue from the army of ants