A Journey Cut Short

You and I till yesterday, as companions
Were inseparable at heart
What transpired in the journey today
That did us apart?

Though my heart fumes
Yet remaining silent is the aim,
I am not the one to complain about
For that matter, attribute blame.
How is it that the desires, yours and mine
Got crumbled and could never align

Wonder why the darkness never sheds light 
Till miles ahead, no imminent brightness is in sight, 
How did this dark-night come to life?
Causing an uncalled for strife

As much as I want to depart from your world
The more my love for you gets unfurled.
Our dreams that once got fructified 
Are now holding my hands tied

The proclamation that in death too
You shall always be by my side
At every juncture of life,
hand in hand stride
Why then, amidst our journey 
You chose to walk away and spurned me

Conscious Drift

Carrying dark clouds as a sheath underneath
Ready to burst at their seam
The ashen sky’s thunderous lightening
Pronounces a reflection of life’s impending theme

Warn it does of a punitive strike
For resisting to seek a safe shelter
Providence is guiding, heed its call
Rather than running helter-skelter

Seamless as seasonal changes occur
Transitions ought to follow suit
Stagnant waters gather moss
Little drift may lend to new channels en-route.

These aren’t just passing clouds
Pour they will to heart’s content
Lashing the fragile state of mind and
Sullying peace till its last remnants

Abort the wretched journey, long endured
In gloomy, damp, inclement climate
Pastures abound where sun shimmers
Just take that leap of faith, don’t procrastinate