Amorous Glances

With a sense of guilt

A demure glimpse meets her eye

Causing a flutter of the heart

At an age so ripe


Statuesque in stature and persona

Exuding oodles of charm

In exchanging fleeting glances

With her, I saw no harm


With equal panache she carries

A sporty look and traditional style

Rendering the air with exuberance

Her distinct voice makes my day worthwhile


Barely does the heart gets transfixed

Like a moth to a flame

Unless the magnetism is genuine

Desire to get consumed, you can’t quite tame


Throw caution to the winds

A call rings in my ears

But the mind never lets loose

The leash out of fear


I introspect on the disparities

Looming large, that sets us apart

All aspects of which seems blasphemous

Even while visualising a relationship to kick-start


Gone are the days to evince amorous interest

Though a hard fact to swallow, acknowledge I do

And lower my gaze when she crosses path

Not to go the route deemed taboo



Balancing of Mind and Heart

For many of us the mind and heart are at loggerheads and the conflict between the two creates confusion. The mind with its objective handling of material world and multiplicity of interaction is ego centric and selfish. But the heart which feels the glow of love gets the glimpse of unity of spirit, it therefore seeks expression through self giving tendencies which unite the two or more persons and makes one selfless and generous.

When the mind encroaches upon the province of the heart it does so by seeking assurance or conviction as a conditional precedent which must be fulfilled before there is release of love. But love is nothing if it not spontaneous. It cannot be conclusion of reasoning. If you want to be certain about the object of love, it is only a form of calculated selfishness. If mind is a treasure house of learning, the heart is a treasure house of spiritual wisdom.

Spiritual understanding is born of a harmony between mind and heart. This harmony of mind and heart does not require the mixing up of their function. It does not imply cross function but cooperative functioning. Their functions are neither identical nor coordinated. The mind and heart must of course be balanced. But this balance cannot be secured by pitching the heart against mind. It can be attained through intelligent adjustment. Such harmony of mind and heart is the most important condition for integral undivided life of spiritual understanding.