Divine External Peace

Peace is the ultimate matter of the heart, not a product of machines. Peace can only rest on the foundation of empathy, mutual love and concern for all. Peace is the ultimate happiness. It is the music of life for it is god manifested. Peace is the essence of life. It is a symbol of nobility and greatness and strength of mind and source of all noble thoughts. Those who cannot experience peace also fail to realise bliss. Learn to imbibe peace within. Dive into the ocean of unabated peace.

Try doing this to attain peace. Sit quietly, closing your eyes in solitude. Keep out flickering thoughts and reflect and pray in the following manner. Thus the life being wasted without experiencing ultimate bliss ? Now only you can lead me towards your path.  All my deeds are bondages, to taste the sweet nectar of your love and happiness.

Please accept my prayers. Help me plunge into the divine ocean of your love and bless me with your grace. Bless me such that my life becomes meaningful. My wavering mind keeps me wandering forever, remaining attached to this mundane world, suffering pain in the pursuit of happiness. Bless me with strength, devotion and love. Take away my conceit. I seek your refuge. I do not pray for material attainments but, bless me with the divine wisdom.

Do find time to contemplate. Prayer is not a time bound process? Let it be a perpetual state. Let your life blossom, let your every deed be guided by his thought. Do not do any work in haste. Ensure that you carry out your work with a calm and selfless attitude. Work done with patience proves to be most efficient.

Amorous Glances

With a sense of guilt

A demure glimpse meets her eye

Causing a flutter of the heart

At an age so ripe


Statuesque in stature and persona

Exuding oodles of charm

In exchanging fleeting glances

With her, I saw no harm


With equal panache she carries

A sporty look and traditional style

Rendering the air with exuberance

Her distinct voice makes my day worthwhile


Barely does the heart gets transfixed

Like a moth to a flame

Unless the magnetism is genuine

Desire to get consumed, you can’t quite tame


Throw caution to the winds

A call rings in my ears

But the mind never lets loose

The leash out of fear


I introspect on the disparities

Looming large, that sets us apart

All aspects of which seems blasphemous

Even while visualising a relationship to kick-start


Gone are the days to evince amorous interest

Though a hard fact to swallow, acknowledge I do

And lower my gaze when she crosses path

Not to go the route deemed taboo