Hurt Fandom

Enmeshed in ties of blood,
Strung by an umbilical cord
With its snapping, a bud
Comes to life, that almighty accords

Besieged by inherent emotional bond
Through the journey all along
Flourish affiliations so fond
That one dreads to trample upon

Some gravitate for the love of craft
To others, intellect appeals by far
Rest connect with purity of soul
Cherishing memories of chosen heroes

Their legacy of accomplishments so inspiring
Radiate a cult like influence
Infusing hope in budding talents
Who otherwise by failure get dismayed

Hunky-dory the relationships seem
Till the moment they last
When providence casts a shadow of death
It dawns, how transient and fragile they are

In conjunction with emotions lies pain
For bereavement, none can be arraigned
Wish life came into existence
Without the frills of human intervention

The same bud that once moistened eyes
On its inception with tears of joy
While the soul departs from its body
Evokes wails and leaves us teary eyed

Dissipating Memories

Memories tend to get effaced
Despite being so intricately laced
A spatter of amnesia each passing day
Lashes the recall, to drift away

Time does cope with emotional healing
Life organically assuages hurt feelings
Never affording a moment static
Its essence remains truly enigmatic

Guilt then quibbles with the mind
Of shallow affection during lifetime remind
Let alone being beholden till eternity
A passing thought over time becomes a rarity

Buried in deeply dug narrow trenches
Where isolation from their kin wrenches
The departed hopes, someone from the clan drops by
To pay homage and their longing mollify

Lost in the worldly charm
Call of final journey rings no alarm
By acts of ingratitude, fate we all seal
Forgetting, every mortal shall pass through same ordeal

Time certainly is the biggest healer
To this chugging capsule, here’s my feeler
Let the pain of parting from our ancestors
Linger forever, so that reminiscences never fritter


A Regime Unshackled

An ideology hinged on a majoritarian belief
Upon a diverse pluralistic society impinge
To despots, this hideous exploit alone shall bestow relief
While the nation is in a state of singe

Around plots woven to demolish or lynch
Were thoughts steeped in, blasphemy and intolerance
Yet the rightist ideologues never did wince
As the end justifies the means in their parlance

Exuding triumphalism over electoral gains
Shrouded in patriotic fervour evoked
Promise of a shrine on the agenda reigns
To be built, on a rubble of communal passions stoked

Riding roughshod over mass sentiments outright
Legislating a law, never was so facile
Constitutional tenets confront an obliteration fright
In the face of an opposition docile

Ever since voices of dissent got typecast
Imperative it is to wear patriotism on the sleeve
Stakeholders of an erstwhile state were bypassed
In comatose lies the valley, by the regime deceived

A surge of compassion for persecuted from distant shores
With the exception of Islamist, all shall naturalization gain
A parochial Act causing a nationwide uproar
Hope this uprising restores democratic checks and balances again


Unwarranted Manifestation

Hallucinations of the empty mind
Harbouring notions of a reciprocal kind
Steered the heart towards a promiscuous alley
Oblivious to the perils of this folly

Ocular banter initially felt like heaving a sigh
Emotionally fulfilling with optimistic high
Besotted, in a chase so obscure
The ecstasy turned out short lived and premature

With no dearth of citing an alibi
The significant other gave a go-by
Idealistic bubble all its air expend
The circuitous path soon culminated in a dead-end

Traversing from throes of fantasy to reality
Helped recognise the blurry thin line of immorality
A saving grace from falling prey
By banishing thoughts that would have led astray

Pondering if these thoughts were to course correct
Or an exercise to image resurrect
In an inquest, questions never blatantly deflect
Should one by no means experience a Soul connect?

A Deadly Impasse

With proceedings underway to impeach and
Senate yet to pronounce verdict to unseat
A clown perpetrates a crisis in the interim
Amidst the political landscape of Middle East

Snuffing out an officer at top echelons of armed forces
On unsubstantiated pretext of planning attacks
Of diversionary intent so disingenuous,
This strategy smacks

Crippling a nation with illegitimate sanctions
By scuttling a pact and ruffling feathers
Naive the bully was, in taking cudgels against
An adversary, assuming they were pushovers

Over the casket of slain general, the country vowed
To slap the aggressor in the face and in outrage wept
Through a shower of ballistic missiles on Usanian air bases
Promise of a retaliatory strike, the Persians kept

Allegations of asymmetric warfare they ascribe
Whilst practicing doctrine of invading nations on the sly,
Ensconced with military bases across the Persian Gulf, to
Meddle in proxy wars on foreign soils alongside their allies

Though good sense prevailed, no more armed conflict
Underlined the President’s speech
Nevertheless, the House of Representatives legislated
Curtailing power to launch military action beyond his reach

What’s my calling?

What’s my calling?
To face dejections appalling
Few discover it late
Mine continues to evade

My pricking conscience
Without being pretentious
Questions the soul
Is it justified in expecting a dole?

None to haul over the coal
Whoever with a nonexistent goal
and lackadaisical attitude, the life path stroll
Success keeps a distance of a barge pole

Each one is blessed with some aptitude
Lame are excuses of Ineptitude
Rust gathered must be shorn
To put to use, skill ought to be honed

Let go of the mundane rigmarole
Creative pursuits shall put you on a roll
A little effort and jostling
Of the mind, unravels a genie named “calling”.