Heart’s Lament

On the path of misery
The one who abandoned me
Why shouldn’t the world
Accuse you of treachery

Leading on through fake dreams
May someone upon you cheat
Let your heart too
Like a mirror shatter
In a fashion similar to mine.
The one to incinerate
Every desire of mine

In copiously flowing tears
May you drown
Go away, the nemesis of love
Let the shore of desires
Never get to be in your grasp
The one to rock my boat
by raising a storm in the heart

In every alley, jilter
You gain notoriety
May you yearn for love
In every gathering
Yet run into lonesomeness
The one to make me
A portrait of sadness

The Martyrdom of Prophet’s Family – Tragedy of Karbala

When the army of the Prince was no more
Thirsty, it had departed to Kausar’s shores
His friends slaughtered, His family destroyed
The home of the Prophet was plundered to the core

No brother or friend or loved ones remained
Two sisters to mourn, and there was Husain

Earlier in the day, sons and friends were around
By the afternoon, everyone was gone
The sun blazed, wind blew, the desert scorched
Tents flapped in the wind with a desolate sound

Husain was surrounded, alone in His pain
A commander with no army; all had been slain

“Why delay Oh death?” In misery He asked
“Why must I live after Ali Akber has passed?
Every moment now feels like a lifetime to me
Now only in death will my pain pass

“I should have died when I watched Akber being killed
I should have been beheaded, that is my will”

“Yet I remain, I live, after everyone has died
Alone I shed tears with no one by my side
Enduring the loss of my sons in this war
In my old age to bury them, to mourn and to cry”

“No son by me when I succumb to death
No support if I stumble, no place whereon to rest”

Then He glanced at Akber’s body on the desert sands
In agony He clutched his chest and cried in pain
“Oh Akber you rest, your hair on the dust strewn
Come help me, I am falling, rise from death’s daze”

“In death’s slumber you forget your father my son
Say your prayers with me under the blazing sun”

“From the banks of the Furat, Abbas come to me
The heat blazes on my wounds, I’m thirsty, come see
Sprinkle water on my body, if you happen to find
I’m dying, say goodbye, come to me, come to me”

“In death you sleep soundly, what can Shabeer say?
May no one be as wretched, to God I pray”

“Since you parted, every bone inside me hurts
My brow, neck, eyes, my joints, and head hurt
My heart, back, chest, every muscle is full of ache
Distraught I am my son, every vein within me hurts”

“I’ve battled a thousand soldiers, I am soaked in blood
Young ones I have buried, with pain my heart floods”

Impatiently the son of Saad addressed the army thus
“Come on brave soldiers, surround Husain we must”
They turned towards Husain, attacked and besieged
Thousands bearing arrows, armed with swords the rest

Midst archers, stone-throwers, Husain stood alone
Swords flashed in the sun, thousands against one

Surrounded by the massive army, all alone
Spears and swords charged at him, he stood all alone
Arrows inflicted fatal blows, Husain was all alone
Target of a thousand blows, Husain was all alone

Amidst the evil around him, like the moon He glowed
The world had turned against Him, at Him its fury flowed

Alas the cursed army knew not a Syed’s worth
They pierced His noble body with arrows and spears
Aiming their swords, they sought to massacre Him
They circled and surrounded, each seeking to kill Him first

So-called Muslims, attacking the Apostle’s son
Your Imam was all alone under the scorching sun

He fell from His horse, no support for His descent
No one to pull the arrows from His riddled chest
Friends and loved ones dead, Husain now all alone
Weak with thirst and hunger, nowhere to go, no rest

Facing a treacherous army, drowning in their flood
In every face around Him, a hunger to spill His blood

It felt as though the heavens thundered in dismay
Wounded the son of Fatima, on His horse swayed
The Imam of the universe, the Prophet’s dear Grandson
Precariously He swayed and fell to the earth that day

A thousand bruises on His body as he fell to the ground
Who knows what He felt when dropped on the sands

Fizza took the news to the ladies within
“They prepare to behead him, Oh what a sin”
Weakened with illness, Abid stumbled as He arose
In panic and terror, the ladies ran out into the din

At the torment in Zainab’s cries, the desert floor quaked
Stumbling and falling, she ran out seeking Husain

“Where is my brother?” She cried, running every way
“Ali’s wealth is lost, plundered here today
Show me the way to the river, take me to the battlefield
Show me where He lies, wounded, show me pray”

“Oh blessed earth help me, the heavens are no help
I come searching for my brother, show me where He fell”

“I am Syeda, help me find my way to Him
I am the daughter of Ali, save yourself from sin
May you live happily, find peace after death
Show me where the Syed lies, pray take me to Him”

“We have no one, we are ruined in this land
We come from Medina, against thousands today we stand”

Then she heard Husain’s groans, sensed her brother near
She ran towards the sound seeking her brother dear
And watched in disbelief as Shimer beheaded Husain
She covered her face, fell to the earth, in shock and fear

With grief her heart shattered, she silently prayed
The severed head of her Brother, she saw on a spear raised